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(M)uchenik / The Student (2016)

Compelling new talent Pyotr Skvortsov plays a young schoolboy who becomes obsessed with Christianity and uses quotes the Bible to justify his rebellious acts. He terrorizes his progressive biology teacher, who teaches evolution and sex education, and things become increasingly sinister as he befriends a school outcast and cripple who he believes he can heal through the power of God.


Jamón Jamón: A Tale of Ham and Passion

Silvia (Penelope Cruz), a local girl who makes tortillas, is in love with the rich José Luis, until she meets underwear model Raúl (Javier Bardem), who has been hired by José’s family to seduce her. This eccentric comedy boasts nude bull-fighting and a healthy dash of innuendo. In one of the industry’s more unique fight scenes, Silvia’s lovers fight to the death with legs of parma ham for weapons!