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Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken / Love in Thoughts (2004)

Based on a true story and set in 1920s Berlin, this is a story of a suicide pact made by friends Günther (August Diehl) and Paul (Daniel Brühl), who are locked in a Shakespearean love quadrangle with the beautiful and unattainable Hilde and scoundrel Hans. Somewhere between Midsummer Night’s Dream and Spring Awakening, we learn how the delusion of youth, living for a fleeting moment of euphoria, is bound to end in tragedy.


The Wolfpack (2015)

The unbelievable story of a six brothers who grew up within the confines of their New York apartment, their paranoid and overprotective father never allowing them outdoors. His film collection becomes their only link to the outside world, until they are old enough to break free…

Y Tu Mamá También / And Your Mother Too (2001)


Two teenage boys, Julio (Gael Garcia Bernal) and Tenoch meet older woman Luisa and both set about trying to seduce her.  The threesome embark on a road trip across rural Mexico to its unspoiled beaches, practicing free love along the way. This coming of age tale will have you in stitches at times and in need of a cold shower at others!