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The Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)

The misadventures of dorky foster kid Ricky Baker and grumpy farmer ‘Uncle Hec’ (Sam Neill) in the New Zealand bush will have you rolling on the floor. Kiwi comedy gold, from the directors of What We Do in the ShadowsFlight of the Conchords fans will love this!



Annie Hall (1977)

In this classic Woody Allen flick, Diane Keaton stars as the misguided yet endearing Annie and Woody Allen plays Alvy Singer, a character based loosely on himself; a morbid and pedantic playwright. Their relationship is fundamentally flawed, yet they are indispensable to one another.

Jamón Jamón: A Tale of Ham and Passion

Silvia (Penelope Cruz), a local girl who makes tortillas, is in love with the rich José Luis, until she meets underwear model Raúl (Javier Bardem), who has been hired by José’s family to seduce her. This eccentric comedy boasts nude bull-fighting and a healthy dash of innuendo. In one of the industry’s more unique fight scenes, Silvia’s lovers fight to the death with legs of parma ham for weapons!