Gegen die Wand / Head-On (2004)

In this gritty film and winner of the 2004 Berlinale, director and second generation Turkish immigrant Fatih Akin presents an unlikely romance between an alcoholic and a suicidal young Turkish girl, in the midst of an identity crisis perpetuated by the clash of her Western upbringing with her family’s strict tradition.


Grizzly Man (2005)

The legendary Werner Herzog explores the extraordinary life of Timothy Treadwell, who lived among Grizzly bears in the Alaskan wilderness for over a decade. Herzog painstakingly pieces together footage filmed by Treadwell to try to comprehend what attracted him to this extreme choice of lifestyle. His childlike wonder and passion for the bears is infectious, and the viewer is left wondering whether the joy he gets from these animals justifies his inevitable tragic end.

Toni Erdmann (2016)

In a bid to connect with his ambitious, career-driven daughter, Toni Erdmann (Peter Simonischek) pays her a surprise visit in Romania and disrupts her business dealings. Excruciating at times and heart-warming at others, the film captures the complex dynamics of parent-child relationships in the modern world. A must-see for anyone who thinks Germans don’t have a sense of humour!

Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken / Love in Thoughts (2004)

Based on a true story and set in 1920s Berlin, this is a story of a suicide pact made by friends Günther (August Diehl) and Paul (Daniel Brühl), who are locked in a Shakespearean love quadrangle with the beautiful and unattainable Hilde and scoundrel Hans. Somewhere between Midsummer Night’s Dream and Spring Awakening, we learn how the delusion of youth, living for a fleeting moment of euphoria, is bound to end in tragedy.

(M)uchenik / The Student (2016)

Compelling new talent Pyotr Skvortsov plays a young schoolboy who becomes obsessed with Christianity and uses quotes the Bible to justify his rebellious acts. He terrorizes his progressive biology teacher, who teaches evolution and sex education, and things become increasingly sinister as he befriends a school outcast and cripple who he believes he can heal through the power of God.

Jamón Jamón: A Tale of Ham and Passion

Silvia (Penelope Cruz), a local girl who makes tortillas, is in love with the rich José Luis, until she meets underwear model Raúl (Javier Bardem), who has been hired by José’s family to seduce her. This eccentric comedy boasts nude bull-fighting and a healthy dash of innuendo. In one of the industry’s more unique fight scenes, Silvia’s lovers fight to the death with legs of parma ham for weapons!